Amino-Mix 850 MG

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Amino-Mix 850 mg, 240 tabs

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  • Helps form protein

  • Builds muscles

  • Supplies the body with nitrogen 

Amino-Mix is an excellent source of natural amino acids, the building blocks of life.

New Roots Herbal’s Amino-Mix is made from 100% pure pharmaceutical-grade lactalbumine hydrolysate for maximal protein utilization. Each tablet provides the optimal mix of free-form di- and tripeptide amino acids. Amino-Mix is a scientifically balanced source of both essential and nonessential amino acids. Amino-Mix should be taken with a complete multivitamin, such as New Roots Herbal’s Multi-Max or Multi-Max Immune, as amino acids are dependent on vitamins and minerals to work.

Four tablets of 850 mg of lactalbumine hydrolysate contain:
l-Glutamic acid 428 mg
l-Leucine (BCAA)* 313 mg
l-Asparatic acid 260 mg
l-Proline 250 mg
l-Lysine* 218 mg
l-Threonine* 168 mg
l-Isoleucine (BCAA)* 158 mg
l-Valine (BCAA)* 145 mg
l-Alanine 113 mg
l-Serine 110 mg
l-Phenylalanine* 78 mg
l-Tyrosine 73 mg
l-Arginine 63 mg
l-Cystine 50 mg
l-Glycine 45 mg
l-Methionine* 45 mg
l-Histidine 43 mg
l-Tryptophan* 40 mg
* Essential amino acid BCAA = Branched-chain amino acid

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