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Jazz Up Your Smoothie

May 22, 2015 12:27:05 PM PDT

Looking for ways to get your smoothie jazzed up? Consider adding these superfoods to your smoothie for a nutrient-packed drink.

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Himalayan Pink Salt

January 10, 2014 1:23:53 PM PST

Choosing to use Himalayan Pink Salt as an alternative to common table salt can have a big impact on your total health and well-being.

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January 10, 2014 1:22:02 PM PST

Maca is a nutritionally dense super-food that contains high amounts of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and all of the essential amino acids. Being rich in B-vitamins, Maca could be exactly what you need for an energy boost! Maca root has been shown to be beneficial for all sorts of hormonal problems including PMS, menopause, and hot flashes. It is a fertility enhancer in both men and women. Maca is best known for improving libido and increasing endurance. Being packed with vitamins along with the natural vitamin C and zinc, Maca is believed to help aid in overall immunity enhancement.

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Are you a fan of fermented foods?

January 10, 2014 1:20:22 PM PST

Fermentation helps preserve nutrients in food and create beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and various strains of probiotics. Eating fermented foods and drinking fermented drinks like Kefir and Kombucha will introduce beneficial bacteria into your gut and help the balance of bacteria in your digestive system. Having the proper balance of gut bacteria and enough digestive enzymes helps you absorb more of the nutrients in the foods you eat. Some common fermented foods to incorporate into your diet to help your gut are:

*Plain Yogurt

If you already eat fermented foods, please share your favourites!

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Nature's Natural Sweetner

January 10, 2014 1:15:04 PM PST

Honey is nature’s natural sweetener. 

Whether used as a cough suppressant, antibacterial treatment, or as a sweet spread on toast, honey has been proven to hold many benefits to the human body. The nutrients in honey make it a healing tool for wounds and burns, as well as a cosmetic resource to keep skin healthy and looking beautiful. Besides the skin, honey also serves as a treatment for gum disease, as a sleep aid, and as a natural solution to relax and calm the mind.

By understanding all of the healing powers that honey has to offer, you can be sure to fully utilize every bit of the sweet nectar within your next jar of honey!

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Looking for a healthy drink to beat summer heat?

January 10, 2014 1:08:32 PM PST

Coconut water is loaded with natural minerals and functions as a natural electrolyte replacement. It is full of natural sugars, salts and vitamins to ward off post-workout fatigue. Coconut water has 15 times more potassium than most sport drinks. It is high in lauric acid, which has antiviral, antibacterial properties and helps fight herpes and flu. Drinking coconut water helps a person lose weight as it is low in fat, keeps a person feeling full and reduces food cravings. It is a storehouse of important nutrients, B-complex vitamins like riboflavin, niacin, thiamin and pyridoxine, and folates. 

Coconut water is a tasty, thirst-quenching drink that can serve as a healthy alternative to soft drinks.
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Coconut Oil

January 10, 2014 1:05:52 PM PST

Coconut oil is arguably the most nutritious oil and has many health benefits. It has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Coconut oil has many health benefits:

*Boosts Energy
*Improves digestion and metabolism
*Helps to maintain a healthy heart
*Fights infections
*Balances body weight
*Creates healthy skin and hair
*Boosts Immune system

If you haven’t already started using coconut oil, try getting this nutrient packed powerhouse into your diet or lifestyle through baking, cooking, as skin lotion or even a make-up remover!

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Supplements for Strong Bones

January 10, 2014 1:04:19 PM PST

Calcium and vitamin D are important nutrients for healthy bones. Calcium helps build bone mass and slow bone loss; vitamin D helps the body properly absorb calcium. You can get both these critical nutrients through daily supplements: women should aim for 500 to 700 mg per day of calcium from supplements and 2,000 IU of vitamin D; men should limit their calcium intake to 500 to 600 mg from all sources and aim for 2,000 IU of vitamin D. 

Or, better yet, increase your consumption of calcium and vitamin D-rich foods:

Calcium: eat more dairy foods, dark leafy greens such as kale and collards, broccoli, canned salmon with bones, sardines, and dried figs. Also look for calcium-fortified foods such as soy milk and cereals.

Vitamin D: get more oily fish (wild Alaskan salmon or sardines are good choices), fortified soy milk, orange juice and cereals into your diet.

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October 18, 2013 10:53:58 AM PDT

Summer's delicious thirst quencher has many health benefits.

* Powerful antioxidant that helps fight heart disease 
* Fights several types of cancer
* Lowers the risk of high blood pressure
* Boosts energy levels by up to 23%
* Cleanses kidneys and detoxifies body
* Beneficial for constipation as aids digestion

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