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Carbion+ - Key Lime Cherry

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  • Delivers High Quality Carbs for Sustained Energy
  • Improves Muscle Recovery and Repair
  • Promotes Lean Muscle Growth
  • Provides the Muscles with essential nutrients and improves uptake and delviery of those nutrients
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CARBION+ empties rapidly from the stomach, thereby facilitating efficient, sustained uptake and preventing bloating, cramping and indigestion that can occur with simpler carb drinks containing glucose or other sugars, especially when training hard.

CARBION+ is a performance blend of 6 High-Molecular-Weight, Long-Chain Carbohydrates fortified with Electrolytes for Hydration and plant extracts for superior absorption. Carbohydrates are the most effective and readily available workout fuel you can take. Properly supplemented, they provide a highly stable and reliable energy source for optimal performance – shifting to fat or protein for workout energy is dramatically less effective and reduced performance is the result.


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