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Carbolic Soap

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  • Natural scented, anti-bacterial and mildly antiseptic soap
  • A very traditional type of soap that is recommended for acne and makes a great deodorant bar

Over the centuries, a lot of lore has evolved surrounding Carbolic soap. We’ve had a customer tell us that they dissolve Carbolic soap shavings in hot water. Then spray the soap mixture over their lawn to get rid of those root-eating grubs.
Some customers hang Carbolic bars from their fruit trees or stake them around vegetable patches to discourage unwanted browsers.
In many parts of the world Carbolic soap is one of the few everyday symbols of European colonial times. We have been told that surgeons still scrub with carbolic soap in remote hospitals in India.

None of our products or their individual ingredients have been tested on animals.
None of our products contains sodium laurel, lauryl or laureth sulphate.
All of our soaps are phosphate free.

Avoiding Mosquitoes

  • Recently, one of our retailers recounted a conversation they had with a customer who purchased a full case (100 bars) of Carbolic. The customer explained that they were heading to the Amazon jungle to pan for emeralds and other precious stones. They had found washing with carbolic soap kept mosquitoes from biting them.
    A bit skeptical, our retailer decided to try it for himself. Freshly showered with carbolic soap, he attended his kid’s evening baseball game. He noticed everyone in the stands was swatting continuously throughout the game. He watched mosquitoes land on him then literally leap off without biting.
    We figure there must be something to it. Anyone willing to haul twenty-six pounds of soap up the Amazon must be doing it because it is worthwhile.
    One of our customers in northern Ontario stocks up on carbolic soap every spring. “It’s one of the first things the tree planters buy.” They are out in the deep woods from dawn to dusk. They swear that it helps keep the bugs from biting.
    Worm picking is done at night, which is peak mosquito time. For many years, one of our distributors has been shipping cases of carbolic soap to a worm picking company in the prairies.
    We have no scientific evidence to support why carbolic soap helps to keep mosquitoes from biting; we think it cleanses away most of your natural scent, which attracts mosquitoes, and replaces it with that medicine-like carbolic fragrance. The only evidence that it works is contained in the many stories and testimonials from our retailers & their customers.
  • Thereza works at a Health and Bulk Food store in Thunder Bay, Ontario. She can always tell when the Girl Guide and Brownie groups are summer camping. Their parents all come into her store and buy carbolic soap. “Every summer they come in and clean us out!”
  • We were trying to think of one of the worst jobs for bugs. Aside from being an entomologist, we heard about this one. It was a summer job. The son of one of our retailers had a summer position working for an electric utility. He was part of a crew clearing dense forest for electric power lines. Talk about being a mosquito magnet. His mother included carbolic soap in his kit with instructions to” wash head to toe with it everyday”. Later he thanked his mom for the homespun advice. He explained that mosquitoes bit him. “But”, he said, “you should have seen what the guys looked like who didn’t use carbolic.”
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